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Why Us

Your Time is Valuable

The Mission Cleaning Services is our business and we really do understand how much there is to do each day and how little time is left over after all the important things are done.The last thing you need is to have to allocate your own time and resources to cleaning your premises. By having your cleaning done by a professional service, this frees you up to focus on what you do best, yet still have a clean premises.

Reliability & Flexibility

Once you have a cleaning schedule booked with us, we’ll turn up every time, and quickly and efficiently clean your premises exactly how you have requested. You don’t even need to think about it anymore.And if for some reason, you wish to change the time or day of your cleaning schedule, we are happy to accommodate this – provided you give us reasonable notice to make the changes.

Peace of Mind

We appreciate that you might be reluctant to allow unknown people into your premises to clean it; therefore, all of our staff have current Police Clearances and are carefully vetted by us as well. The Mission Cleaning Services also has $20 Million of Public Liability Insurance and we have Workers
Compensation Insurance too.

And whenever possible, we will send you the same cleaner every time, so you get a consistent standard, not someone new that has to learn the place from scratch. As well as that, we conduct regular quality checks on our staff to make sure things don’t slip.

Premium Quality Cleaning

Almost anyone can empty a rubbish bin or flick a rag around, but if you are paying for a professional service, you rightly expect more than that.

There are many other cleaning companies in Melbourne, but feedback from our clients indicates that a lot of them either don’t know how to clean properly or simply don’t care.Our experienced staff are individually trained by us to clean thoroughly and efficiently and to look for dirt in places that are often overlooked by less dedicated cleaners.

Environmentally Friendly

All products we use are not only effective, but also completely environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Premium Cleaning at Affordable Prices

You might assume that a premium clean would come at a premium price, but that is simply not the case. You will find our pricing to be not only extremely competitive, but one of the best-value-for- money services in Melbourne.

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